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There are many paths to healing

Flowing Zen w/ Sifu Anthony

Flowing Zen w/ Sifu Anthony

Sifu Anthony's mission is to bring the secrets of these ancient arts out into the open and give people the tools to heal themselves without drugs or surgery.

"My greatest joy comes from watching students unlock the healing power that’s already inside them. I love sharing these amazing arts, especially with people who are fed up with the conventional treatments for mental, emotional, and physical pain. I especially like helping people who never in a million years imagined themselves doing something like Qigong or Tai Chi, but are ready for real change.

I honestly believe that Qigong and Tai Chi are the world’s most effective and affordable answer to all kinds of pain. As someone who once suffered deeply from clinical depression, anxiety, severe low back pain, and chronic bronchitis — I empathize with those who are still suffering.

Helping others is my way of showing gratitude for arts that literally saved my life. There are millions of people suffering out there, and I am determined to help as many as I can."


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