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There are many paths to healing

About Qigong

What's so great about Qigong?

Would you like to improve your OWN health?  Qigong is my favorite!  It's really easy, we can do it almost anywhere, and it's great for people who are not athletic or who have some limits to mobility. Best of all, it works so well for so many things. My fellow practitioners and I depend on it to help with stress and anxiety, pain and many kinds of chronic illnesses.

Based in movement and mindfulness, Qigong is an ancient Chinese practice that helps improve overall health.

It's easy to do at home or outside, simple to remember, and doesn't require any special clothing or equipment.

There are many valid approaches, just as there are with yoga.  Through my teacher Sifu Anthony Korahais, my Qigong

lineage can be traced to the Shaolin Temple.

Each practice contains:         (for more detail on the practice sequence, go to Qigong Review page)

1. a relaxation and centering segment

2. a set of gentle, easy to remember movements

3. an energy flow segment unique for each participant

4. a quiet energy/reflection time

5. a closing sequence to retain the benefits of your practice.      

I feel better every time I practice! I can feel a little better in only 2 minutes, or a lot better after a 15 minute practice.

Qigong is great for Mind, Body, and Spirit!

For a wealth of information about Qigong and

Qigong 101, an on-demand, online Qigong Course taught by my teacher, 

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