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Lyme Disease in Dogs

Did you know your dog can get Lyme Disease? The incidence of this worrysome problem has been rising many areas.  Articles from England, New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, just to name a few have been raising the alarm about the tick-borne disease that can have serious consequences for your furry best friend. Over 50% of dog owners are unaware of this fact and the fact that the disease can get to you via your dog ! 

Lyme Disease is caused by Borellelia burgdorferi in the US and is transmitted primarily by deer ticks (Ixodes sp.) rather than the common dog tick.

Dr. Frank Capella of Village Veterinary Hospital in Wampsville New York shares essential information about how to protect your pet in the first link below.

The next links give additional information about the increase in canine Lyme Disease and why it is such a problem.

Although the last link (below) begins with a discussion of the increase in Virginia, it has the best information in general about the Lyme Disease in dogs.










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