Claire R. Holland, M.D., L.M.T.

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Patients Respond to Light Touch and Massage Therapy


"Dr. Claire Holland is caring and insightful, and she has a true gift for understanding the body and relieving tension and pain. 

"Dr. Holland is the only practitioner to ever give me relief from a painful and rare movement disorder, cervical dystonia. I don't know what I would do without her. She's incredible."

- Jennifer W., Gainesville, FL


"What a remarkable experience. After my session, I was revitalized in body and spirit - it was truly uplifting. Thank you, Dr. Holland."

- Grace O., Jacksonville, FL


"Dr. Holland's treatment both improved my symptoms and greatly lessened my anxiety about the condition. The Light Touch Therapy session was the point when I stopped regarding my body as having turned against me.

"Dr. Holland is a skilled and comforting healer."

- Melisssa I., East Lansing, MI

 Dr. Holland now accepts most insurance plans!

Office locations:

353 3rd. Ave South, Jacksonville Beach, 32250

 12443 San Jose Blvd., Suite 503, Jacksonville 32223 

 In-home sessions may be available near The Beaches.

Please call 904-535-4779 for an appointment.


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