Claire R. Holland, M.D., L.M.T.

There are many paths to healing

Qigong Review

Outline for practice:

1 min.    1.Opening: a.  Relax, Smile from the heart, b. Deep Breath in, c. Breath out on "ha" sound,

                                d. Smile from the heart.

5 min.    2. Active phase

5 min.    3. Flowing Breeze, Swaying Willows

5 min.   4. a.Think of Dan Tien, b.let qi settle,  c.enjoy flowing stillness

1 min.  5. Closing: a.Think of Dan Tien,  b.Rub hands,  c.Warm eyes with palms,  d. Pat the eyes open,  

                               e. Wash Face,  f. Comb hair,  g. Heavenly Drum,  h. Walk around briskly

Shaolin salute

From 18 Luohan hands

pushing mountains

lifting the sky

carrying the moon

punching with eyes wide

separating water

plucking stars

shooting arrows


gathering qi from the cosmos = embracing the cosmos = great tai chi circle


bear walk


Dr. Hu forms

rowing the boat/kneading bread


Warrior class forms

dancing fairies

presenting claws


Warrior postures

playing the lute



Sinew Metamorphosis forms

One Finger Zen forms


"belly breathing" 


Closing Point Stimulation

inner eye

inner eyebrow

whole eyebrow

middle eyebrow

outer eyebrow

outer eye

middle lower eye

inner eye

sides of nose

outer nostril

temple (using base of thumb)

behind ear

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